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How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally with 6 Tips to Make Use of

Breasts that are too large offer a variety of discomforts to women which includes back and knee problems. There are also some women who feel self-conscious due to large breasts. Because of this, women resort to drastic measures like breast reduction. What they don’t know is that they can do it in some ways naturally. Here is how you can reduce breast size naturally if you do not want to waste much money on invasive ones.Reduce Breast Size Naturally

Tip #1: Have a low-calorie diet

Women can reduce their breast size by having a low-calorie diet. Since breasts are made up of fats, having a diet to reduce body fat can minimize the breast size. A full body fat reduction plan should be implemented since it is impossible to reduce fats only in your breasts without reducing fats on the other parts of your body.

Tip #2: Exercise

In addition to dieting, you need to exercise to reduce weight as well as body fats to decrease your breast size. Including weights in your exercise plan helps tone up muscles in your body and in this case that the chest muscles are toned up, it can perk up the breasts once they are sagged because of excessive size. However, be careful not to build the chest muscles too much as this will increase the muscle size under the breast tissue making your breasts look larger.

Tip #3: Wear sports bras

Try to wear sports bras or any other chest constrictors. Although they cannot contribute fat loss to your breasts, they will make the appearance of your chest naturally smaller.

Tip #4: Prepare

Consult your doctor first for him to determine if you are capable of undertaking an exercise regimen. Exercise when combined with a healthy, fat-reduction diet is very effective in reducing breast size. Aerobic exercises can burn fat and anaerobic exercises on the other hand build muscles. Both of which will provide a more toned and healthy appearance of the breasts.

Tip #5: Do aerobic exercises      

Try to do some aerobic exercises for half an hour at least three times a week. Any exercise that makes your heart rate increase can be considered aerobic. The key for burning your fat is to get your heart rate up to its peak target rate for as long as you can. Walking will get your heart rate up and a brisk walk can cause your heart rate up faster while walking up and down the stairs will work even faster.

Tip #6: Try anaerobic exercise

Exercising on alternate days, doing anaerobic exercise and muscle toning can help in reducing breast size. Anaerobic exercise is doing anything that builds or tones the muscles. Though these exercises don’t burn much fat, they enhance muscle building and more muscle mass burns fat more efficiently. Concentrate on exercises that help firm and tone the upper arms, chest, abdomen as well as the pectoral muscles. Push up is one of the most common and the simplest anaerobic exercise to tone all the major muscle groups. Do this by lying your face flat down on the floor and place your hands flat against the floor to your shoulders. After which you should raise up on your hands and knees. Tighten your stomach muscles while you keep your body straight. Now, lower your chest almost to the ground then push yourself back up.

There are really great ways to reduce breast size naturally. All you need to focus on is exercise. Also, you have to watch out your diet before it is too late. These will do good not only for your breasts but your entire body as well.

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asyadeema September 6, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Well hello there, I’ve read your articles, which maybe can help me. Im a Muslim and I am about to reduce my breast’s size which is too big and can cause an intention of guys to have a look at me twice. I’ve been using a breast reduction cream for weeks but I just don’t know how to measure the breast size, I hope this exercise could really help me.


K.MANISHA VARMA September 18, 2011 at 12:01 pm

i am having boils on my chest!
What could be the main reason for it?
I am 15 years old!


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